Illinois teen killed in road-racing car accident

Traffic can make it extremely difficult for motorists to get around in Illinois. The lengthy delays often make it necessary for drivers to plan extra time to get to their destinations. They know they need to remain alert while behind the wheel, because an accident will only add to the delays that they may experience.

However, other motorists may not have the same ideas in mind. When these drivers engage in reckless types of activities, they are placing themselves, their passengers and other motorists at risk. Recently, an Illinois teen was killed in a car accident when the vehicle she was riding in went out of control and rolled over.

The accident occurred when two cars were apparently racing one another in Gurnee. There was a median in the roadway that formed a ditch between the two lanes of traffic. The vehicle in which the teen was a passenger drifted toward that median, which caused the car to become airborne.

The teen and another passenger in that vehicle were ejected out of the back window of the car. The teen died at the scene, while the other three occupants of the car were taken to a nearby hospital.

The drivers of both vehicles face charges of street racing. The driver of the teen’s vehicle will also be charged with reckless homicide, as well as operating without a valid driver’s license. Both drivers face extensive prison time if convicted.

Officials are continuing to review the accident to learn further details about the crash. If blood tests show the presence of drugs or alcohol, there may be additional charges handed down.

Source:, “Antioch teen killed, two charged with street racing in Gurnee crash,” Lee Filas & Mick Zawislak, June 25, 2013.