Illinois boy’s wrongful death caused by alleged carjacker

Being on Illinois roadways is always somewhat dangerous, since car accidents can occur anywhere at any time. Fortunately, most people end up getting safely to their destinations. Sadly, one family wasn’t so lucky on the weekend before Christmas. A suspected carjacker crashed into their vehicle as they were heading out to get holiday haircuts, killing an 11-year-old boy. As police search for the man responsible for this tragedy, the boy’s family likely has grounds for a wrongful death suit.

The crash occurred on Dec. 21 as the father and his two sons were driving through Englewood. That is when the alleged 34-year-old carjacker smashed a stolen vehicle into their Chevrolet Suburban. According to police, the man left the scene of the accident on foot and stole another vehicle from a man at a gas station located nearby. Then he reportedly headed west on Interstate 88.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, the community where the boy lived held a candlelight vigil in his memory. His mother and brother were in attendance, though reports indicate that the boy’s father was still in the hospital on Dec. 23. It was not reported what injuries he sustained in the crash or how serious they were.

This Illinois family must now struggle to make sense of their tragic loss, and they will be permanently impacted by the actions of the alleged carjacker. Police have identified the man they believe caused the car accident. In addition to whatever criminal charges he faces, he may also face the boy’s family in civil court if they decide to pursue a wrongful death claim. If their claim is successful, it may not ease their pain, but it can give them some financial assistance and a sense of closure during a very difficult time.

Source: ABC 7, Vigil held for Donovan Turnage, 11, killed in deadly crash in Englewood, Michelle Gallardo, Dec. 23, 2013