Foggy weather may have led to multi-vehicle car accidents

Inclement weather might be enough for many drivers to exercise excess caution on the road, but those who do not may find themselves facing civil or even criminal penalties if they cause a serious car accident. In Illinois, car accidents in times of less than ideal weather might be especially frightening for those who do take the time to slow down and ensure their safety on the road. A recent wreck involving several vehicles driving under foggy road conditions resulted in at least one serious injury.

Authorities report that there was freezing fog in the area of Route 47 Friday morning. Shortly after 7 a.m., a pickup truck blew through a stop sign at Walker Road. This resulted in a tractor-trailer slamming into the crossing vehicle.

In turn, a second pickup truck collided into the accident. Both directions of lanes on Walker Road were closed as investigators arrived on the scene. The investigation is still under way and currently alcohol is not suspected to be a factor in the accident. Instead, investigators strongly note the thick fog that coated the area at the time of the accident, which indicates that extra caution should have been exercised by everyone on the road.

Multi-vehicle car accidents can sometimes produce devastating fatalities. Luckily, none were reported, although police have said that there were serious injuries stemming from the vehicle. They have not said how many were injured, but at least one is known. In Illinois, if a driver is determined to be at fault for not exercising the proper safety measures during bad weather, those injured by the driver’s negligence may choose to move forward with a personal injury claim. If successfully settled, they may aid in tackling unexpected medical bills and any other unexpected costs such as lost wages, lingering pain and suffering and the emotional wounds that can sometimes hide behind the physical ones.

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