Chicago wrongful death suit: mother negligently loaned son her car

When a loved one is killed in a car accident by the negligent actions of another driver, it is not always clear if the blame lies only with the other driver or whether others were also negligent. Therefore, wrongful death lawsuits sometimes need to be amended or need to wait to be filed until some investigative work has been performed.

In one recent case, the family of a deceased Chicago man is suing the mother of the driver who was responsible for his death. While she was not involved in the car accident, the car being driven belonged to her. She had lent the vehicle to her son despite the fact that he did not have a valid driver’s license.

The crash occurred in April of this year on the Dan Ryan Expressway. The driver was allegedly speeding when he crashed into a barrier wall, at which point the car crossed traffic and came to a stop near a bridge. The 26-year-old passenger in the car, who was a father of two, was killed in the accident.

The driver has been charged with both negligent homicide and fleeing the scene of an accident. But the victim’s brother, who filed the wrongful death suit, believes that the driver’s mother is also to blame for this preventable death. According to the complaint, the driver’s mother “failed to use reasonable care to ensure that [her son] had a valid driver’s license at the time she entrusted her vehicle to him.”

The lawsuit seeks more than $100,000 in compensation; apparently on behalf of the deceased man’s two sons.

Because car accidents may have a number of contributing factors and liable parties, it is important to investigate details thoroughly. That’s why families and loved ones of accident victims may find it helpful to seek the services of an experienced wrongful death attorney.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Family of man killed in Dan Ryan crash sues driver’s mother,” Jennifer Delgado, Dec. 10, 2012