Chicago teen left with severe injuries after car accident

A very serious car accident in Chicago, Illinois has left the 19-year-old man who was driving the car with severe injuries.

There are few details available for the car accident. The 19-year-old was driving a van when he suddenly lost control near an intersection and drove up on someone’s yard. The van ultimately crashed and left the man with potentially catastrophic injuries. The young man needed to be extricated from his vehicle, and an airlift was made ready so that he could be quickly transported to a nearby trauma center.

Police are investigating the accident to learn more about the accident. While this is a single vehicle accident, many other wrecks just like this involve multiple vehicles; and some of these car accidents involve drivers who are ultimately at-fault for the wreck.

Usually negligence is the reason for this fault. The driver could have disobeyed a traffic signal; or been driving dangerously; or been engaged in some other negligent driving act, like texting while driving. Any of these circumstances make the driver culpable for the car accident, and the victims of the wreck are free to file a lawsuit against the irresponsible driver.

Like the 19-year-old in this story, often the victims of car accidents are severely injured. But there are other accidents where the victims emerge from their car with little more than a scratch — or so they think. These minor crashes often deal victims a silent injury, one they have little way of knowing about: a brain injury.

This is why it is critical to accept any medical care you are offered after a car accident. Not only will it speed up your recovery, but it leaves a record of what kind of injuries you sustained. You can point to this record if you file a lawsuit, which could help you pay for medical bills.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Northbrook crash sends Chicago man to hospital,” Alexandra Chachkevitch, July 17, 2013