Chicago consumer safety advisory: list of product recalls

Chicago consumers are very particular when buying items in stores and most of the time, they choose products from trusted brands. This is done to ensure the safety of their family from defective products that can cause harm, such as injuries and even death, in some cases.

Toys are one of the types of products that are often recalled by the manufacturers due to the levels of lead in the paint used in the item, which can lead to toxic exposure to children. In some cases, toys also contain small parts, which can be choking hazards. Those small parts pose dangers if ingested by a child. The U.S Consumer Products Safety Commission recently has released a list of new product recalls.

The first item on the list is bicycles. Time trial Slice RS Bikes and Cannondale Triathlon, both 2013 models, which are sold at Cannondale retailers, have been found to be defective with brake plates that can easily loosen and break. Although no injuries have been associated with those products, consumers who purchased the bicycles should be aware of the risks that could lead to injuries or death.

The next item on the list is a marble-sized ball that is capable of absorbing water to expand up to 400 times its original size. This toy is also known as a Super Star Science! Colossal Water Ball and Monster Science Colossal Water Ball and it can be a choking hazard. If ingested, the toy itself can expand inside the child’s body, causing dehydration, severe discomfort and vomiting, which can lead to serious consequences.

Readers should take note of these products as they can cause serious injuries or fatalities. For example, since the bicycle’s brakes are defective, if a child uses the bicycle outdoors, he or she may get involved in an accident, which can have terrible consequences. A product that causes injuries or fatalities should be scrutinized under the Chicago products liability law. The victim or his or her surviving family members may be entitled to compensation for any injuries that result.

Source: The Times-Picayune, “Recall roundup: bicycles, toys and children’s outdoor furniture are among recently recalled products,” Susan Langenhennig, Aug. 5, 2013