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CTA seemingly tries to deflect blame for O'Hare train accident

The O’Hare Airport train accident remains a major story in the news, with new details and revelations emerging almost daily. The train’s operator did admit to dozing off just prior to the crash, but it seems clear that hers was not the only negligence responsible for the train accident.

O'Hare train accident part II: Examining the CTA's safety record

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about the O’Hare Airport train crash that injured approximately 32 people. Although operator fatigue appears to be the primary cause of the train accident, the transit union alleges that fatigue is just one of many safety problems associated with working for the Chicago Transit Authority.

O'Hare train accident part I: Operator fatigue

One of the biggest news stories here in the Chicago area continues to be the crash of the Chicago Transit Authority train at O’Hare Airport one week ago today. An incoming train crashed into the terminal and actually climbed an escalator as it destroyed nearly everything in its path.

Human and mechanical errors looked at in Chicago train accident

Officials are still looking into what exactly caused Monday's train accident when a Chicago commuter train somehow jumped the tracks, sending it crashing up to the top of an escalator at the O'Hare International Airport. In this crash, while more than 30 people were injured, miraculously no one was killed. However, this being said, officials need to get to the bottom of what happened -- for if there is a next time -- train passengers and pedestrians may not be as lucky.

NW Chicago high school student struck and killed by Metra train

There are thousands of intersections throughout Illinois where trains, cars and pedestrians cross paths. Many of the most dangerous train crossings are found here in Chicago and in surrounding suburbs. Accidents at these intersections are often fatal, as a train-crossing pedestrian accident last week proved to be.

More passengers sue Chicago Transit Authority over train crash

Readers may remember hearing about an unusual train accident that occurred late last September in the western suburb of Forest Park. In that incident, which we first wrote about in October, a Chicago Transit Authority train was stopped at a station when it was struck by an unmanned and unoccupied train. Both trains were on the CTA’s Blue Line tracks.

Railroad companies seeking stronger tank cars to carry oil

In January, we wrote about a growing concern among safety regulators in the United States. The National Transportation Safety Board has noted that the U.S. is in the midst of an oil boom due to increased domestic drilling and hydraulic fracturing. That excess oil is being transported across the country primarily by rail.

Another driver escapes death in Chicago-area train crossing crash

Last week we wrote about a Chicago-area train accident that could have easily been fatal. In that crash, icy and slippery roads caused a woman’s car to lose traction, leaving her in the path of an oncoming train. Although the front of her car was hit and spun around violently, the woman was able to walk away from the crash relatively uninjured.

Train-crossing accident in suburb of Chicago ends without injury

The especially harsh winter hitting the Midwest this year is causing more than a few problems for Chicagoans and others throughout Illinois. Heavy snowfall and extremely low temperatures often combine to create significant travel hazards and raise the risk of car accidents.

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