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Many questions remain unanswered in wake of fatal bus crash

One of the scariest and most devastating aspects of bus accidents is the potential for mass injuries and casualties. Although buses tend to offer more protection to passengers than smaller vehicles do, bus accidents involving trucks and similarly large vehicles can be devastating.

Horrific bus accident kills 8 and injures dozens more

It has been a dangerous and deadly week for transportation accidents in the U.S. Earlier this week, we wrote about the Chicago train accident involving an unoccupied, four-car train that somehow ran the wrong way down the tracks and collided with another train stopped at a station. Thankfully, no one was killed during that incident, but many people suffered at least minor injuries.

Passenger sees CTA bus driver taking hands of the wheel to eat

Distracted driving is unacceptable when anyone engages in it, but it becomes especially inexcusable when the distracted driver is behind the wheel of a large, commercial vehicle and/or has a significant number of passengers. It is precisely this type of behavior that leads not only car accidents, but truck and bus accidents as well.

Crash involving Chicago-bound Greyhound bus injures 11 people

Many significant auto accidents occur on Chicago's streets and highways each year. But Chicago residents don't always hear about the crashes that happen to vehicles on their way to or from the Windy City. Of particular concern are mass-transit accidents involving buses, trains and trucks that run in and out of Chicago every day.

A number of injuries reported in Des Plaines bus crash

Public transportation has many benefits. It is an affordable and efficient way to get from point A to point B. However, when buses are involved, the potential for injuries in the even of an accident is high. Buses carry a great number of people, and do not usually have the same safety features (airbags, etc.) that are commonly found in individual passenger vehicles.

Dozens injured and one killed in north Illinois school bus crash

We often write about the dangers that 18-wheelers pose to other drivers on the road. Anyone who drives commercially or drives an especially large vehicle has a responsibility to be as alert and cautious as possible when behind the wheel.

Bus accident in Calumet Park sends 16 passengers to hospital

Commuters around Chicago use buses for the convenience, the cost savings and the environmental benefits. Companies that operate buses, including the Chicago Transit Authority, owe passengers a special duty to ensure their safety. The applicable legal standard of care requires them to keep up with vehicle maintenance and to hire responsible and competent drivers.

Trial begins against fatigued driver in fatal bus accident

Chicago residents have read about the number of bus accidents that have occurred in the city and throughout the state of Illinois in recent months. These crashes inevitably raise questions regarding the buses' maintenance records and the drivers' levels of alertness. Bus companies owe passengers a heightened responsibility to ensure that buses are in proper working condition and that their drivers are well-rested and qualified to operate the vehicle.

Report points finger at tire failure in deadly Megabus accident

Early last month on our Chicago blog we wrote of the Megabus accident in southern Illinois that claimed the life of one passenger and injured many others. Crash investigators have been looking into the incident, and two weeks ago the Illinois State Police released its report detailing the causes of the accident.

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