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What happens when commercial truckers are distracted?

Sharing the road with commercial truckers can be challenging in the best circumstances, and when cars and trucks collide, smaller automobiles are usually on the losing end of things. Your chances of being a victim of a trucker accident jump considerably when the truck driver is distracted. Just as distractions such as phone use or eating or drinking behind the wheel frequently contribute to accidents among regular motorists, distractions are also an issue for many truck drivers.

How a product recall works

Many Chicago area residents have probably heard of a product being recalled, as recalls often make the news and are sometimes national headline-grabbers. A few people in the area and throughout Illinois may have even had to return a recalled product or two in order to get a refund. Still, many people might not be aware of exactly how the process works.

I lost a loved one on the job; can I sue?

Like all of the other states, Illinois has a workers' compensation system in place to ensure the families of employees get some compensation when their loved one be killed or even seriously injured in connection with their work. Workers' compensation also pays benefits to families who lose a loved-one due to a work-related illness, such as cancers related to asbestos exposure.

If it looks like neglect, families can seek compensation

Many families in the Chicago area trust nursing homes to take care of their aging loved ones so that they can be protected and adequately comforted in the final years of their lives. However, as a recent post on this blog illustrated, sometimes nursing homes, either accidentally or for more nefarious reasons, betray this trust and leave their aged patients seriously injured or dead prematurely.

Man sues after relative dies in Cook County nursing home

A family who had placed their loved one in the care of a nursing home located in one of the suburbs of Chicago is now suing the facility after the loved one died following a brain injury. In addition to naming the nursing home itself as a defendant, the suit also accused two nurses of negligence.

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