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Medical errors often go unreported

Chicago residents turn to medical professionals to help solve their medical problems. People expect the doctors will have the answers to their medical ailments and be able to return them to good health. However, sometimes doctors are unable to fix all medical issues. While doctors can help to make people more comfortable, they cannot always prevent all deaths.

Illinois patient settles medical malpractice suit with dentist

When Illinois residents visit a medical professional they expect to be treated with the upmost care. They expect that the professional will uphold the standards of the profession and fix any potential issues that arise. Often, Illinois residents are not able to handle their own medical issues without help, and this is why they turn to trusted doctors, dentists and nurses to treat their ailments. Sadly, some of these medical professionals fail to live up to these expectations and are guilty of medical negligence.

Construction vehicle injury leads to man's death

Those who work in construction and with heavy equipment in Illinois undoubtedly understand the risks they face every day. While experience, professionalism and adherence to safety procedures can prevent accidents from occurring, they are sometimes unavoidable. There are a great number of problems that can occur and lead to serious injury and death. Those who are involved in an Illinois construction site injury, and the families of those who die, need to be fully aware of how to pursue compensation in a legal filing after the incident has occurred.

What is cerebral palsy?

Families in Illinois eagerly await the arrival of a new baby throughout a woman's pregnancy. A pregnancy can be an exciting time for families, friends and coworkers. However, this excitement can be laced with nerves. Having a child can be a dangerous and difficult medical procedure. While people hope that everything will go normally, a variety of serious complications can arise during childbirth.

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