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Holding companies accountable for their mistakes

Almost everyone has had the experience of purchasing a product only to find out it does not perform exactly the way a person thought it would. Some products are just plain disappointing. They break easily, or fail to live up to what they were supposed to do. Usually, these disappointments are just a fact of life.

Staying safe on scaffolding

Many workers in Illinois are placed in dangerous situations on the job. Some of these hazards come from naturally occurring conditions. Other hazards, on the other hand, are created as a part of the person's job. Scaffolding, for example, is erected to help construction workers reach high places on a job site. These temporary structures allow people to reach heights that they otherwise would be unable to access on their own.

What is strict liability?

As this blog has discussed on many occasions, manufacturers are expected to produce products that are safe for consumers to use. However, many of these manufacturers fall short of these expectations. In these cases, people are sometimes injured by products they have purchased in the marketplace. Some of these injuries can be severe and cause long lasting damage.

IKEA recalls furniture in Illinois after children die

IKEA is a popular shopping destination for many people in Illinois. Illinois has two IKEA locations that Illinois residents can enjoy. Worldwide, the retail giant operates 361 different stores. The store sells everything from children's products and food to furniture.

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