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Safe splash pad construction in Chicago

With summer in full force, many residents in Illinois are looking for ways to cool off in the heat. While some people may think about going to public pools, other people are taking a non-traditional route. Splash pads have become more popular in recent years. These spraying parks can be fun for children and families of all ages. They can appear safer then pools since the water is typically shallow.

Nursing homes can be held accountable when people suffer

Older people can be extremely vulnerable. Their health may keep them from doing all the things they love to do. It can also keep them from the people they love. Even though families may want to care for their elderly family members, their family member's health may require more significant healthcare interventions.

What causes falls in nursing homes?

Nursing homes are supposed to be trusted places that take care of elderly people who have difficulty caring for themselves. Families across Illinois depend on nursing homes to take care of their residents with the utmost care. Often, these families have no choice but to place trust in these facilities as their loved-ones age.

Preventing falls in nursing homes

Many Americans are getting older and facing serious health problems. However, many families are not equipped to deal with serious medical issues. Therefore, they rely on nursing homes to take care of their elderly family members. Nursing homes are supposed to provide a safe place for elderly people to live and to receive the medical care that they need.

Let us help you with litigation based on your personal injuries

Memorial Day has come and gone and now Chicago residents are fully into the starts of their summers. As children finish their school years and parents plan vacations for their families, many individuals will be enjoying recreational activities to fill the warm hours of their days. With Lake Michigan right in many individuals' backyards, water activities, such as boating and jet skiing, are often popular with people who wish to cool off from the season's heat.

Illinois family files wrongful death suit against nursing home

Many people in Illinois are reaching retirement age and beyond. As baby boomers reach their golden years, many are finding it more difficult to take care of themselves. Therefore, because their care starts to shift to their children and grandchildren. In many cases, family members are not equipped to take proper care of aging family members. In these cases, people rely on nursing homes to take proper care of their loved ones.

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