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What are recreational water illnesses?

People expect recreation activities in Illinois to be fun, exciting and engaging. However, very few people engage in recreational activities expecting to suffer from serious injuries -- especially not fatal injuries. However, individuals should know that there are risks to even seemingly benign recreational activities. These risks are increased when property owners and other caretakers fail to follow basic safety steps to keep Illinois residents safe.

Birth control device sparks medical products liability lawsuit

Women in Illinois and across the country who use implantable birth control products are putting a significant amount of trust in the manufacturer that these items will be safe for use. Given the intimate nature of these devices, any danger should be clearly elucidated to those who are considering the implant or are already using it. Those who are put at risk for damage in the long or short-term or have already been harmed need to understand their rights to be compensated with a Chicago products liability lawsuit.

Understanding safety procedures and dangers of a trench collapse

Construction work in Illinois has certain unavoidable dangers that workers and companies do their best to mitigate. One underreported risk that construction workers face is when they are trenching and excavating. Construction accidents involving a trench collapse can leave workers in serious danger of injury and even death. It is important to know how the safety procedures were supposed to have been implemented.

Lawsuit claims Illinois woman was given fatal dose of morphine

Last week this blog discussed the types of nursing home abuse residents in Illinois could be wrongfully subjected to, leading to injuries or even fatalities. The issue of nursing home negligence should not be swept under the rug. Instead, families of victims of nursing home abuse should explore whether they can take any legal action against the negligent workers or facilities that were tasked with caring for their loved ones, and that failed to meet their duty of care. 

Nursing home abuse in Chicago should never be tolerated

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home often comes during what is a very emotional time. It is often times not a decision made lightly, and those in Chicago who are facing such situations naturally want to see that their loved one receives the highest quality of care. Unfortunately, unscrupulous practices on the part of some nursing home staff can be considered abusive.

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