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Medical negligence is a serious issue in Cook County

Last week this blog discussed the sad case of a Cook County woman whose husband allegedly lost his life after suffering skin wounds while under the care of medical professionals. Unfortunately, situations like this are not rare. In fact, a 1999 study by the Institute of Medicine reported that annually, anywhere between 44,000 individuals to 98,000 individuals lost their lives while in the care of medical facilities due to medical mistakes that could have been prevented.

Cook County woman files suit after husband develops skin wounds

When a loved one needs medical care, it is important that their specific health conditions are carefully taken into account. Improper or negligent care may not only lead to a worsened condition -- in some cases it can be deadly.

Safety related defects and auto recalls in Chicago

Read the news these days, and it may not be unusual to hear of yet another auto recall. In fact, since 1966 approximately three million motor vehicles have been recalled. Other auto-related recalls include those of tires as well as other pieces of equipment. Recalls take place in order to fix safety defects. Unfortunately, auto recalls may come too late for many consumers in Chicago who have already been injured by a defective motor vehicle.

The impact elder abuse has on nursing home residents

Some residents in Illinois have to make challenging decisions regarding their aging loved ones. In some cases, an assisted living facility might be the best option for the health and safety for an elderly family member. While there are many safe and adequate nursing homes in the Chicago area, it is important to realize the signs of elder abuse and how this could greatly impact the health and even life of the abused or neglected loved one.

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