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Dangerous and defective automotive products still cause problems

By now, many residents of Chicago may have heard of the recall of potentially deadly air bags manufactured by Takata Corp. In fact, it is reported that Takata knew since 2004 that the bags could potentially deploy with too much force, propelling shrapnel at the vehicle's drivers and passengers. In fact, eight people have reportedly died due to this defect, and many more suffered injuries. The United States government has ordered 12 automakers to issue a replacement airbag for 19 million motor vehicles, making it the largest recall of its kind in the country.

Time limits for bringing a Chicago product liability claim

Imagine this: you are driving down the highway in Chicago when suddenly your brakes fail and you go smashing into the guardrail on the median of the road. Not only is your car totaled, but you suffered severe injuries including broken bones and a concussion. Your hospital stay lasted a week, and you couldn't return to work for over two months. Not a pretty situation, right?

Work-related deaths are on the rise nationwide

While Cook County residents are hard workers their workplaces are not always safe. Construction accidents, the presence of asbestos and the use of dangerous tools all contribute to the dangers workers may face on a daily basis. Unfortunately, across the nation, work-related deaths seem to be on the rise.

Fatal brain injuries could result from another's negligence

While many recreational activities such as sporting activities, boating, skiing or riding an all-terrain vehicles are fun, disaster can strike when an accident occurs. One common injury suffered in such accidents is a traumatic brain injury. While a Chicago personal injury attorney can educate individuals in Illinois about the laws surrounding fatal brain injury cases, it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of such injuries, so that prompt legal and medical help can be sought.

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