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Resolving Illinois residents' boating accident claims

Water sports and recreational activities such as boating and fishing are popular hobbies among Illinois residents and even for tourists who come and visit each year. Boating, or any other recreational activity, where the people on the boat have to essentially depend completely on their boat operator and instructor can also prove to be inherently dangerous at times when the necessary precautions have not been taken.

ADR to solve medical malpractice cases: Part II

In most cases related to medical malpractice, Illinois residents usually think of the traditional litigation approach. However, it has been found that traditional litigation procedures are not only more time-consuming but also can be more expensive than newer alternative methods. Since court costs are often a hurdle for families who have already incurred huge medical bills, such alternative dispute resolutions can be a more effective solution to get justice for the victims. One of the most common forms of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms is the process of mediation.

ADR to solve medical malpractice cases: Part I

Victims of medical malpractice in Illinois not only suffer from serious injuries that can lead to lifelong disabilities, but often also suffer serious financial difficulties due to the exorbitant medical bills that are incurred. In some cases, although the patient has suffered from serious injuries due to the doctor's negligence or has even died, the family may choose not to go through a lengthy legal procedure against the hospital and the doctor because they fear that they will not be able to emotionally or financially handle a lengthy court procedure. Research produced evidence that revealed that only 3 percent of injured patients actually sued for medical negligence.

Toddler drowns in swimming pool in Illinois

Illinois residents often look forward to spending time in swimming pools in order to have fun with their friends and families and to cool off during hot summer days. However, swimming pools can be very dangerous if swimming pool owners and public pool owners are not vigilant about the maintenance of the pools. Since a lot of children also use swimming pools, maintaining such pools has become especially important because they can be extremely dangerous for young children and toddlers.

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