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Laws related to operation of boats on Illinois waters -- Part II

Summertime is a time when many Illinois residents venture out on Illinois waterways for a fun-filled day with family and friends. As a result, because many people have the same idea, the waterways may get congested. This makes it necessary for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to enforce laws that ensure the safety of the people using those waterways. Waterway laws are very much like traffic laws. A previous post on the blog discussed some of those basic rules that every boater must follow, if they are operating a boat on Illinois waters.

Recreational activities: boat laws on Illinois waters -- Part I

Summer is arriving and many Illinoisans will be planning weekend boating trips with their family and friends soon. Since many of those people are not regular boaters, it is important for them to understand the various rules and regulations that govern the operation of boats on Illinois waters. The rules and regulations are meant to ensure the safety of regular and recreational boaters. A boating accident can be as devastating and as tragic as any other automotive accident.

Construction sites pose many risks to life and limb for workers

People in Illinois who work in the construction industry understand that they can find themselves in some of the most dangerous workplaces. A construction site can present a variety of risks, ranging from cuts and crush injuries to falls and electrocutions. No matter the risk presented to workers, construction sites are required by federal and state law to have all necessary safety measures in place and to post notices of the potential dangers to workers.

What should you know about filing a medical malpractice claim?

Most people who receive medical treatment are satisfied with their outcomes as long as they were told beforehand about the pros and cons of the treatment they would receive. However, sometimes patients becomes victims of medical malpractice, whether in Rhode Island or Illinois. These patients have the right to file suit against the medical professionals or facilities that caused their alleged harm. Any lawsuit alleging negligence, however, must comply with requirements set forth by state law.

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