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Authorities investigate recent nursing home death in Chicago area

Nursing facilities across the country, including those in Illinois, are supposed to be safe places in which residents can have their basic care and medical needs met every day. Unfortunately, neglect and negligence have become more frequent in recent years as larger numbers of people enter facilities.

The Chemical Safety Board's role in preventing accidents

Construction and manufacturing worksites in Illinois are usually hazardous work zones. Machinery, ladders and the usage of dangerous materials and tools make these workspaces in big cities like Chicago potential death spots. In order to avert Chicago work-related deaths, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board is responsible for conducting investigations after the industrial chemical accidents that sometimes happen at construction sites. The board has its headquarters in Washington, DC and the U.S. President appoints the board members, who then are confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Making consumer safety a priority

A Chicago resident buying a product in the United States assumes it will be safe to use or consume. Unfortunately, many consumers are injured or made ill when they use dangerous or defective products. Any Chicago products liability attorney would probably say unequivocally that consumer safety should be the most important priority for a product manufacturer. At our law firm we have a history of holding manufacturers responsible for bad products, including dangerous and defective automotive products that have injured unsuspecting residents of Chicago.

Safety education for snowmobiling enthusiasts in Illinois

Illinois gets its fair share of snow every year. Vast stretches of land across the state are covered in snow, which attracts many snowmobile enthusiasts. Sadly, winters in Illinois are often unpredictable and any lapse in safety measures can lead to serious consequences for a person who enjoys a snowmobile ride in the countryside. However, if snowmobiling enthusiasts take some basic precautions, they may be able to avoid the various hazards associated with snowmobiling.

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