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Social media may influence health care decisions in Chicago

Many Chicago residents are active on social media and know that products and services are often the subject of social media ratings. The growing popularity of social media is becoming an important link of communication between business and the general public and is forcing many businesses to have a significant presence on social media to reach out to consumers.

Caveat emptor: safe shopping for consumer safety

Caveat emptor is one of the basic principles of tort law in product liability lawsuits. Loosely translated caveat emptor means buyers beware. Thus under this principle the buyer or consumer of the product is presumed to have basic knowledge of the product he or she proposes to purchase. However, the basic tragedy remains that many Illinois residents are not able to fully understand this concept.

Women workers and construction worksite safety in Illinois

Construction sites are inherently dangerous working environments. Construction sites have heavy equipment and machinery, ladders and other working tools that may provide a risk to the safety of construction workers. State law in Illinois allows for worker's compensation for all work-related accidents and injuries suffered by employees.

Lawyers championing products liability lawsuits in Illinois

Under Illinois law, if dangerous or defective products are manufactured and sold, the company who manufactured the products may be liable for any injuries caused by the products. Products liability lawsuits are based on the common law principle of negligence. The attorneys at Healy Scanlon Law Firm have had decades of experience in defending the rights of products liability victims in the state.

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