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Illinois authorities investigating death of nursing home resident

Nursing home deaths have remained a major concern for the public as well as authorities in Illinois and the rest of the country. Various corrective measures have been taken, but nursing home deaths are still prevalent. Sadly, many of these deaths are due to negligence on the part of the nursing home staff or some other similar reason.

Are Illinois residents aware of the Pool & Spa Safety Act?

Swimming is universally acknowledged as one of the best forms of physical exercise. Additionally, it is a fun activity that children and adults can both enjoy. In addition to exercise and fun, knowing how to swim can be crucial in many circumstances. However, news reports often talk of a swimming pool accident that caused either head or neck injuries or even killed a swimmer. Sadly, many of those victims are children, and many times it is discovered that negligent pool maintenance was the reason behind the swimming pool accident.

Toy safety standards according to CPSIA guidelines

It goes without saying that children love toys. Therefore, when a child celebrates a birthday or when the festive season has arrived, the gift of choice for a child is a toy. That is the common practice not only in Illinois but all over the country and the rest of the world. Since toys are meant for children, the federal government enforces the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, which clearly outlines the safety standards for children's toys.

Medical negligence is far more than just surgical errors

Whenever an Illinois resident goes to a medical practitioner, he or she expects that the doctor or surgeon knows how to diagnose health problems or send the patient to someone who knows more about the problem. Sometimes a specific complaint will require a doctor to conduct a procedure that is selected on the basis of symptoms presented by the patient. A doctor also might prescribe medications to address a problem. Whatever the process, the practitioner's knowledge and expertise are tested in several ways.

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