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Worker killed in crane accident at Illinois construction site

From time to time, a news report emerges about a construction worker being killed in an accident, either in Illinois or somewhere else in the country. These tragedies aren't always surprising, because construction is one of the most inherently dangerous industries. However, the death of a worker at a construction site is something that should not be ignored. That is why laws in Illinois entitle many survivors of deceased workers to claim compensation.

Preventing elder abuse in Illinois nursing homes

Nursing home abuse is a heartbreaking reality in Illinois. Many elderly residents have fallen victim to such abuse often at the hands of nursing home staff. Many senior residents of Illinois live in the nursing homes due to prolonged illnesses and the need for constant medical care. However, many family members are often unaware of the daily abuse and neglect faced by their elderly members living in such institutions.

How does the law protect Illinois children from unsafe products?

Illinois parents want to be confident that products they buy for their children are safe. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was enacted by Congress to protect consumers from the effects of unsafe products. Product safety, especially for items such as toys that are used by infants and toddlers, is a very important area of concentration for consumer safety authorities.

Ruling strips cruise lines of immunity for medical negligence

Until recently, victims of medical negligence that occurred on cruise ships were unable to seek compensation due to a series of court decisions that protected the cruise lines from liability. The most recent of these decisions, the Barbetta ruling of 1988, said that passengers cannot expect the same standard of medical facilities on board a cruise ship as on land and that doctors and other medical staff on the cruise liners were independent contractors over whom the cruise company had no direct control.

Chicago lawyers for those injured in recreational activities

Many Illinois residents love outdoor recreational activities like such as boating and jet skiing. Unfortunately, these outdoor activities can sometimes end in serious injury or even death. Many accidental injuries are caused every year due to sporting activities. The attorneys at The Healy Law Firm have years of experience in pursuing compensation for personal injury victims.

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