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Failure to diagnose cancer causes delay in treatment

When a person feels sick, it is recommended by health professionals to not take over the counter medicines and instead visit a doctor. This is done by people in Illinois with the firm belief that the doctor will be able to correctly diagnose their illness, help the patient get correct treatment on time, and ultimately stop the disease or infection from spreading; sometimes though, the doctor may fail to properly diagnose the medical condition.

Elder abuse may be prevalent in Illinois nursing homes

Family members usually do their best to take care of and provide for their elderly loved ones. However, there can be a stage in life when the elderly person is not be able to take care of themselves and may have to be admitted into a nursing home. The family should be confident that their loved ones are safe in the nursing home with professionals to care for their needs. However, this is often not the case, as can be seen in a recent event when a nursing home staff member from Illinois was arrested after allegedly hitting a disabled resident.

Couple files product liability case against Diamond Pet Foods

Illinois residents would probably agree that if a defective product reaches a consumer the retailer, as well as the manufacturer, cannot duck their responsibilities. Product liability laws have been passed in order to ensure consumer safety by penalizing any manufacturer of defective products. One company is now facing an Illinois defective product liability case.

Two Illinois workers die in workplace accident

Illinois residents might agree that the death of a worker from a workplace accident is very traumatic for the family and friends of the accident victim. The family's loss is first and foremost emotional, but the loss can have a huge financial impact as well. The financial difficulties may increase if the worker had to undergo medical treatment before dying due to injuries. The employer of the accident victim may have to pay the worker's compensation to cover treatment of the injuries and other accident-related expenses in the event of a death on the work premises.

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