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Four-year-old boy drowns in Chicago suburb country club

The unexpected loss of a loved one, especially a child, to a fatal accident is a most tragic event. An Illinois serious injuries lawyer may be able to provide a legal context to such tragedies. The pain and suffering of family members caused in the wake of such an incident can be devastating. A Chicago suburb was the scene of such an incident last week.

Illinois worker dies in tragic workplace accident

When a worker is killed in an accident at the workplace, the situation will inevitably be traumatic for members of his or her family. Not only is the family robbed of their livelihood, but they also go through a difficult emotional phase. If the worker underwent treatment before succumbing to the injuries, there may be medical expenses to address as well. An employer of workers affected by an Illinois construction site injury may be required to pay workers' compensation for employees injured or other expenses in the event of a fatality on the premises.

Consumer safety recall of yogurt-covered Craisins

If a dangerous or defective product in Chicago manages to reach a consumer and causes harm, the manufacturer, as well as the retailer, cannot escape liability for any injury caused to the consumer. The principal aim of product liability laws is to secure consumer safety by penalizing any action that may compromise the consumer.

Illinois boat accident causes injuries to four people

If a resident of Illinois spends leisure time involved in some form of recreational activity, that person most likely will not think about the possibility of an accident occurring, which may lead to serious injuries to himself or herself, as well as to others. Unfortunately, such accidents occur far too frequently and can cause head injuries and/or spinal injuries, which can make a victim's life very difficult.

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