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Icy highway sends semi and tour bus into a fatal crash

It has been a difficult winter for drivers not only here in Chicago, but throughout the United States. Even states unaccustomed to snow and ice have received both this winter, causing major cities to effectively shut down. There is little debate about the fact that extreme winter weather is resulting in more frequent and severe traffic accidents.

The dangers of contaminated equipment to Illinois patients

Hospitals in Chicago, Illinois, should be wary about the latest controversy associated with the fatal degenerative disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). This rare illness might develop after patients are exposed to contaminated surgical instruments. CJD is caused by a rare type of protein that can remain on surgical equipment and endure standard sterilization procedures.

Another driver escapes death in Chicago-area train crossing crash

Last week we wrote about a Chicago-area train accident that could have easily been fatal. In that crash, icy and slippery roads caused a woman’s car to lose traction, leaving her in the path of an oncoming train. Although the front of her car was hit and spun around violently, the woman was able to walk away from the crash relatively uninjured.

After 'sudden acceleration' scandal, Toyota takes no chances

At one time or another, every auto company will experience either manufacturing problems or defective parts that require a product recall. Although recalls may be expensive and are often inconvenient for both car companies and car owners, a well-handled recall will not significantly damage a company’s reputation or diminish customer loyalty.

Child safety seats recalled for defective buckles

A child safety seat is used to protect a child from harm in the event of a motor-vehicle crash, which is why many Chicago-area parents put them in their vehicles. Unfortunately, sometimes car seats suffer the same fate as other products that are found to be defective and are recalled.

Train-crossing accident in suburb of Chicago ends without injury

The especially harsh winter hitting the Midwest this year is causing more than a few problems for Chicagoans and others throughout Illinois. Heavy snowfall and extremely low temperatures often combine to create significant travel hazards and raise the risk of car accidents.

Federal regulators strongly condemn driver in Illinois truck crash

The fatal truck accident that recently occurred on Interstate 88 near Aurora has been a topic of much discussion – and not just on this blog. Although fatal truck accidents are sadly common, this case seems to be an especially strong example of what can go wrong when commercial truck drivers ignore hours-of-service rules and continue to drive well past the point of fatigue.

Medication errors cause nursing home neglect cases in Illinois

Cases of nursing home abuse may stem from elder abuse, bedsores, medication errors and malnutrition. In fact, a recent report indicated that medication errors in Illinois's nursing homes have resulted in hospitalizations for residents. Unfortunately, there are also cases of Chicago nursing home neglect due to fatal medication error.

Truck driver and company sued by family of Illinois trooper

Both of our posts last week focused on the fatal truck accident along Interstate 88 that injured an Illinois state trooper and killed a Tollway worker. Truck driver fatigue was blamed for the accident and the truck driver responsible is facing several felony charges.

Fatal Illinois truck accident part II: Trucking co. safety record

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about the fatal truck crash that occurred last week on Interstate 88 near Aurora. The driver who caused the truck accident was apparently suffering from fatigue and had allegedly been working for approximately 36 hours with less than four hours of sleep.

Illinois jury finds railroad company liable in asbestos case

Asbestos exposure is a well-recognized health hazard. It is also a workplace hazard that threatens the health of many American workers, including those in the Chicago, Illinois area. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has implemented safety standards to protect workers from asbestos exposure, many workers are still dying of asbestos-related diseases.

Fatal Illinois truck accident Part I: Truck driver negligence

One of the stories dominating Chicago area news right now is the fatal truck accident that occurred early last week. Based on new accounts, truck driver fatigue is the likely cause of the devastating crash that killed a tollway worker and severely injured a state trooper.

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