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Illinois jury compensates bicyclist for construction-site accident

We have previously written about the dangers that pedestrians and bicyclists face in cities like Chicago that largely cater to automobile traffic. In addition to the risks of being struck by a car while riding with traffic or crossing the street, bicyclists and pedestrians also encounter hazards on sidewalks.

Informing Chicago parents about recalled cedar chest

Product recalls may include dangerous and defective automotive products, toys containing lead and defective furniture. Parents in Chicago, Illinois, should pay attention to recalls in order to keep their families safe from such dangerous products. The manufacturer, on the other hand, should continue informing consumers about the recalled product.

Don't forget: handheld cellphone ban now in effect in Illinois

This winter, the dangerously cold weather has been the biggest travel-related news in Illinois and across the Midwest. The frigid winter has so consumed our attention, in fact, that many Chicago drivers may not have realized that an important piece of legislation went into effect at the beginning of the month.

NTSB calls for improved rail safety as oil shipments increase

Because of its size, location and history, Chicago has long been a hub for both passenger trains and freight trains. Most of the time, this is advantageous. But when it comes to hazards posed by train accidents, Chicagoans are particularly at risk.

Truck accident kills 2 NEIU students and injures 3 others

Truck accidents are an ever-present threat on roads and highways throughout the Chicago area. But these giant vehicles also pose a threat to Chicagoans traveling in other parts of the country as well. Sadly, a recent truck accident in Texas claimed the lives of two young men and injured three others from Northeastern Illinois University.

A reminder to Chicago parents of the dangers of forceps delivery

Since its stratospheric rise in popularity, Facebook has became a place where many Americans, including Chicago, Illinois, residents can learn about what's happening in other people's lives. The social media giant allows users to set up online petitions, as well. One young couple in the midst of their own heartbreak has created an online petition to ban the use of forceps in all childbirth.

Some incidents of nursing home abuse are underreported

Many nursing homes in the U.S., including those in Chicago, Illinois, ensure that our elderly loved ones are well-taken care of. However, data released by the National Center on Elder Abuse Administration suggests the opposite may be true.

Frosted windshields and snow on cars make for dangerous driving

Native Chicagoans have more than a little experience driving in wintry conditions. Many of us are so used to the changes necessary for winter driving that they come as second nature. That being said, there are plenty of drivers out there willing to put the safety of others at risk because they are too lazy to maintain their car in winter.

Fatal truck accident results in prison time for Chicago driver

We have previously written about the devastating truck accidents caused by drivers who are sleep deprived, distracted or impaired by drugs/alcohol. While drivers of any type of motor vehicle are dangerous under the aforementioned conditions, truck drivers are particularly dangerous because of the sheer size and weight of their vehicles.

Skiers should always keep safety in mind

As the winter weather continues to blanket Illinois, recreational enthusiasts are sure to grab their ski gear for an adrenaline filled good time. Nevertheless, skiers should always keep safety in mind since they can be prone to spinal injuries and other debilitating injuries and could even lose their lives if they let their guard down.

Distracted driving: Dangerous for others but okay for you?

To varying degrees, nearly all humans suffer from a self-serving bias. As just one common example, many people believe that they are the exception to the rule when it comes to distracted driving. "It may be dangerous for others," they say, "but I'm good enough at multitasking to text and drive safely."

Worker's death cautionary tale for Chicago employers

Last April, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched a nationwide initiative to assure the safety of temporary workers. A recent incident where a temporary worker lost his life in a workplace accident underscores the need for such safety initiatives. It should also serve as an eye-opener for Chicago employers to demonstrate the importance of employee safety.

Foggy weather may have led to multi-vehicle car accidents

Inclement weather might be enough for many drivers to exercise excess caution on the road, but those who do not may find themselves facing civil or even criminal penalties if they cause a serious car accident. In Illinois, car accidents in times of less than ideal weather might be especially frightening for those who do take the time to slow down and ensure their safety on the road. A recent wreck involving several vehicles driving under foggy road conditions resulted in at least one serious injury.

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