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Semi trailer detaches and kills 7 riding in minivan

Earlier this week, we wrote about a truck accident in Washington State that all but destroyed an important and heavily traveled bridge. The cause of the accident appears to be negligence on the part of a trucking company that was trying to haul an oversized load across a bridge that did not have enough height clearance to accommodate it.

Illinois nursing home named in wrongful death lawsuit

Illinois residents already know that nursing homes are meant to render adequate care for the people in our society who experience deteriorating physical and health conditions. The nursing home facilities and their staff are expected to provide proper care to every resident. If not, a nursing home may face legal responsibilities if a resident sustains bed sores, other injuries or death.

Truck carrying oversize load destroys heavily traveled bridge

Memorial Day weekend is always a popular time for road travel for those living in the Chicago area and around the country. This year, Americans held to that tradition with a major exception in one part of the country. Travel was severely disrupted between Canada and Washington State due to a truck accident that caused sections of a heavily traveled bridge to collapse into the river below.

Cleaning company cited for Chicago work-related deaths

There are many professional industries in which workers know they are at a higher risk for injury or death. Many of these higher-risk jobs are in the manufacturing, construction, mining and industrial industries right here in Illinois and the greater Chicago area. When there is a report of Chicago work-related deaths, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will generally conduct an investigation.

Even one decision to text while driving can be fatal

Most tragic motor vehicle accidents can be prevented. When drivers are experienced and behaving responsibly, they can almost always prevent accidents caused by their own negligence. Of course, severe weather, poorly constructed roads and the negligence of other drivers cannot be controlled by any individual motorist. However, each driver can largely ensure that he or she does not recklessly or negligently cause an accident directly.

Studies show high car accident fatality rate among returning vets

The drawn-out wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have left a generation of returning veterans with physical disabilities, psychological trauma and general difficulty returning to civilian life. Some struggles such as the loss of a limb are visible. But even vets with no visible injuries still struggle to readjust when they return home.

Distracted driving among teens may be worse than we thought

Earlier this week, we wrote about new government data showing that the auto accident fatality rate rose last year for the first time since 2005. While there are probably many factors that contributed to the uptick in road deaths, there is little doubt that distracted driving was significant among them.

Federal data reveals an increase in 2012 auto accident fatalities

Since 2005, Americans have been benefitting from continuous annual decreases in motor vehicle accident fatalities. Between 2005 and 2011, crash deaths on U.S. roads declined by approximately 26 percent. Can we continue this positive pattern, or must all good things come to an end?

Product liability lawsuit filed against Illinois drug company

According to Abbott Laboratories, a leading drug-manufacturing company, its mission is to improve the health of people worldwide. Unfortunately, big companies like Abbott are not exempt from challenges over credibility and consumer safety.

Crash victims seek bill to freeze truck size & weight limits: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about a piece of legislation currently being considered by federal lawmakers. The Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act seeks to freeze current weight and size limits for trucks and close loopholes that allow overweight trucks to continue operating.

Tougher laws for boating under the influence in Illinois

Given that the Chicago area has access to a large lake, boating may be one of the most common recreational activities in the warmer weather. However, what is supposed to be fun may have its negative consequences, particularly if a boating accident occurs.

Crash victims seek bill to freeze truck size & weight limits: Part I

Highway safety (or lack thereof) is an issue we frequently write about on this blog. That's because each year, countless drivers in Chicago and around the country are injured or killed in preventable crashes. Heavy trucks driven by fatigued or negligent drivers are often to blame for a significant portion these accidents.

Focusing on prevention of fatal underride accidents

Certain kinds of accidents are particularly devastating. For example, a roll-over accident is generally going to cause more human and property damage than a low-speed fender bender will. It is with a profound understanding of the damage capacity of certain kinds of truck accidents that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has become invested in prevention of underride crashes. Because in focusing on these particularly devastating crashes, the NHTSA hopes that it will save a substantial number of lives.

Illinois company receives violations due to hazards

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is a federal agency created in 1971 to prevent workers from being injured on the job including in construction accidents, falls from heights and other mishaps. Every year, for example, cave-ins cause Chicago work-related deaths and injuries.

Deadly Naperville train accident occurred 67 years ago last week

There is a lot of history contained in the train tracks leading in and out of Chicago. While our railroad system helped grow the city and surrounding suburbs, there were also many notable train accidents that caused regulators to push for new safety policies and procedures.

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