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NHTSA targets vulnerable populations for safety rating changes

When constructing buildings, green spaces and vehicles, American engineers should always strive to consider the most vulnerable among us. While floors strewn in inches of tiny pebbles may serve older kids well in a playground setting, babies are prone to eat this material and become sick from the ingestion. While small elevators may serve to open up space in a building, wheelchair-bound individuals must be able to fit within these devices in order to adequately move from one floor to the next as stairs are not an option for them. Vulnerable populations should always be considered when some new space or device is created.

Truck driver causes fatal crash while choking on food

A couple weeks ago, we discussed some common behaviors drivers engage in that are likely to cause distracted driving accidents. Of course, every Illinois driver knows that texting while driving is illegal and dangerous, but there are plenty of other driver distractions that can be just as likely to cause a crash.

Minimizing misdiagnosis with a simple patient photo

When a patient in Illinois sustains an injury or complications due to a doctor's mistake, it may be considered medical malpractice. Often, a Chicago medical malpractice case may occur from failure to diagnose, surgical errors or wrong medication. However, the wrong interpretation of an X-ray result can also be a threat to the patient's health.

Another work-related death at an Illinois industrial plant

Jobs in industrial plants and construction sites are dangerous because of the presence of large equipment, dangerous tools and working high off the ground. Employers and company owners must do everything possible to avoid the potential for workplace accidents. If they fail, one or more workers may be injured or die.

Chicago motorists: Beware of drowsy drivers

Chicago drivers who have to commute long distances every day will likely not be surprised by a new study regarding driver fatigue. According to the study - conducted by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute - approximately 20 percent of motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. are caused by drivers who are fatigued.

Man charged after alleged DUI crash kills passenger, injures 3

When someone in the Chicago area is allegedly intoxicated, one of the most dangerous actions that person can take is to attempt to drive. When that driver has passengers inside his vehicle, that danger is extended to people who are now at risk for another's actions.

Study lists the driving distractions that lead to fatal crashes

Distracted driving is a huge problem in Chicago and throughout the state. Despite laws against texting or using a handheld cellphone while driving, these distractions are still responsible for countless car accidents and injuries.

Illinois doctor's failure to diagnose leads to man's death

People make mistakes. However, for doctors and medical professionals, a simple mistake or misinterpretation can endanger the patient's life. In the event of medical malpractice, Illinois victims can turn to a Chicago medical malpractice professional to claim compensation.

Dozens injured and one killed in north Illinois school bus crash

We often write about the dangers that 18-wheelers pose to other drivers on the road. Anyone who drives commercially or drives an especially large vehicle has a responsibility to be as alert and cautious as possible when behind the wheel.

Major drug maker settles medical products liability lawsuits

The oral contraceptive market is a multi-billion dollar industry. Manufacturers always find innovative ways to develop drugs that are designed to control unwanted pregnancies. Unfortunately, some products may yield unwanted results.

Like Toyota, Ford faces its own 'unintended acceleration' lawsuit

Chicago readers no doubt remember the sudden acceleration scandal that has plagued Toyota for the last few years. Many car accidents were blamed on this alleged vehicle defect and Toyota is only now settling the bulk of related lawsuits.

Survey shows that adults text while driving more than teens

By this point, no licensed driver in the United States could honestly say that they haven't been warned of the dangers of distracted driving. Numerous studies have shown that distractions behind the wheel - especially those caused by a cellphone - make the driver significantly more likely to cause a car accident.

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