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New national data shows increase in car accident fatalities

You wouldn't necessarily realize it if you regularly drive in Chicago traffic, but traffic fatality rates nationwide have been either decreasing or holding steady since about 2005. Unfortunately, the latest figures from 2012 show that we are now heading in the opposite direction and car accident fatality rates are again beginning to rise.

Former employees help prove nursing home abuse

Two former employees of a nursing facility in Kankakee who turned whistleblowers against their employer were recently able to help a federal civil court jury find the facility's then-owner guilty of defrauding the federal government in 2004. The jury returned a $28 million verdict against the former owner, who was found liable for abusing facility residents and filing phony Medicare and Medicaid claims.

Illinois summer boating accident: final report

The area around Chicago, Illinois, near Lake Michigan, is considered a recreational area. When the weather is right, recreational activities like jet skiing, kayaking and boating are favorite recreational activities. However, especially for those who might not have as much experience in these sports, accidents may result. These accidents can lead to the worst of Illinois serious injuries, and can have fatal consequences just like car accidents.

Toyota reaches settlement with Illinois, other states over recalls

Chicago readers no doubt remember the Toyota recall scandal of 2009-2010. The automaker once enjoyed a reputation for building some of the safest and most durable vehicles on the road, but Toyota's credibility was severely tarnished after dragging its feet on recalls related to sticky accelerator pedals, "sudden unintended acceleration," and other potentially fatal defects.

Truck accidents across the western world have similar causes

We regularly discuss critical safety issues that affect the American trucking industry and American motorists by extension. According to a newly released report out of Europe, many of the exact same safety concerns that our society struggles with each day plague other western nations as well.

ATA explores blame for serious truck accidents

Accidents happen. We learn this phrase from childhood, but what does it really mean? On a practical level, our society understands that human error will always exist in every endeavor that we attempt repeatedly. Human error is a concept recognizing that no matter how hard we try to perfect a given process, we will unintentionally stray from perfection at various times for any number of reasons.

Illinois construction accident leaves 1 man dead

Illinois residents are employed in a variety of jobs, some of which pose great risks to workers. Workers in Chicago may be aware that construction and repair work is different from many other jobs, in that some workers risk their health and welfare on a daily basis. Chicago work-related deaths might occur due to someone's negligence or as the result of an employer's failure to maintain a workplace free of hazards.

Tomorrow marks 10th anniversary of a major Illinois train accident

Most Chicago readers will no doubt remember a tragic transportation accident that is about to have its 10th anniversary. On February 9, 2003, a tanker train on its way to Chicago and carrying thousands of gallons of caustic chemicals suddenly derailed in the southern Illinois town of Tamaroa.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed following fatal car-train collision

There are many ways to get around in Chicago, but our various forms of transportation do not always coexist peacefully. One major hazard faced by car and truck drivers alike is railroad crossings. Malfunctioning signals or gates can leave one's vehicle right in the path of a speeding train.

FSIS announces a product recall for consumer safety

For the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, consumer safety is a top priority. This agency prevents Illinois defective products from reaching consumers and initiates product recalls whenever the products are already released to the public.

Chicago man faces criminal charges for passenger's death in crash

We have previously written that lawsuits prompted by car accidents are not always as simple as one injured driver pitted against another. Sometimes, the injured or killed party was a passenger riding with an irresponsible driver at the time of the crash.

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