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The causes of work-related deaths in Chicago and across the state

Residents of Chicago may be familiar with television shows like "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago Code." These shows are about firefighters and police officers. Their jobs seem dangerous. However, in reality, transportation and agriculture jobs pose even greater risks to workers.

Chicago marks anniversary of deadly commuter train accident

Chicago commuters who travel on the Metra may not give a second thought to the high-visibility color scheme emblazoned on the rear of the passenger cars. But that safety measure grew out of a tragedy that took place on our city's rails 40 years ago today. On that date, 45 people died and hundreds more sustained injuries in a serious train accident.

Nursing home abuse on the rise

The number of people who are living to a very old age has increased over the last several years. Many of those people are residents in nursing homes. With the fast-paced lives of the younger relatives of the seniors, there are times when not enough attention is being paid to the older generation. People choose nursing homes based on the quality of care and attention that the residents will receive. However, sometimes Illinois elder abuse occurs.

Illinois moves to prevent train accidents on new high-speed line

Illinois is working towards the creation of a high-speed passenger rail line that would run from Chicago to St. Louis. Begun in 2010, workers have installed higher-grade ties and rails on existing tracks and have made curves easier to negotiate at faster speeds. Those improvements have produced results: During a recent test on the line, a train reached 111 miles per hour on a 15-mile section of track. Trains typically reach top speeds of around 80 miles per hour on the Chicago to St. Louis run.

SUV driver not drunk at time of fatal Illinois motorcycle crash

Cooler fall weather has arrived in the Chicago area, and many motorcyclists are preparing to put away their bikes until next spring. But the bracing autumn air invites some to ride their motorcycles one last time before the onset of winter. Drivers must remain vigilant and look out for these riders.

Increase in nursing home deaths linked to norovirus

Nursing homes across the U.S. are reporting a large number of occurrences of norovirus among residents. In a two-year study that investigated nursing homes in three different states it was reported that there was a 9 percent increase in the number of residents that needed to be hospitalized during a norovirus outbreak. In addition, the percentage of deaths increased by 11 percent. The outbreak of the virus and the lack of control over the spreading of the virus may be considered, by some, to be a form of nursing home neglect.

Federal initiative focuses on preventing teen driver car crashes

When teenagers first get their license, it is a symbolic rite of passage that, for over half a century, has been associated with freedom, independence and youthful exuberance. While nearly all teens eagerly look forward to the day they can get behind the wheel, other drivers in the Chicago area and around the country are slightly more apprehensive.

Trial begins against fatigued driver in fatal bus accident

Chicago residents have read about the number of bus accidents that have occurred in the city and throughout the state of Illinois in recent months. These crashes inevitably raise questions regarding the buses' maintenance records and the drivers' levels of alertness. Bus companies owe passengers a heightened responsibility to ensure that buses are in proper working condition and that their drivers are well-rested and qualified to operate the vehicle.

Fatal boating accident in Illinois

Recreational activities like boating and kayaking are common hobbies for many people. However, without professional experience and assistance, these fun activities may result in serious injuries or death. That was unfortunately the case recently when a man died in a boating accident in Illinois. The victim was a 49-year-old man who was an Illinois State Police master sergeant. The body of the victim was recovered from Glenn Shoals Lake after a three-hour search.

NHTSA: Bogus air bags can cause serious injuries in car accidents

Air bags are responsible for saving countless lives in serious car accidents in the Chicago area every year. They are part of a progressive wave of motor vehicle safety improvements that has also included stability control, anti-lock brakes, lane departure warning systems and seatbelts, arguably the most conspicuous safety feature. But sometimes air bags are defective and can cause harm.

Man steals police cruiser, kills Illinois woman in car crash

An Illinois woman was killed in a violent multi-car accident last week as she was heading to work. The crash involved one other car and a police cruiser that, authorities say, was hurtling down the street at close to 100 mph prior to the collision. According to one Illinois State Police lieutenant, the wreck was among the worst he has seen in his 25-year law enforcement career.

Proponents say automated cars will reduce car accidents

According to data on car accidents, the number of crashes nationwide in 2010 hit a 20-year low. But there is evidence that figure could go even lower in the future. Approximately 9 out of every 10 motor vehicle accidents are attributable to mistakes in human perception, incorrect choices and lapses in attention. How many fewer collisions would we have if we removed a human from the driver's seat?

Fatigue may have been responsible for fatal truck accident

Driver fatigue has the potential to affect anybody and lead to vehicle accidents. But for commercial truck drivers, who spend many hours on the road to meet tight delivery deadlines, fatigue can be a substantial and deadly problem. To prevent truck accidents, federal law caps the number of hours drivers can work within a 24-hour period, and drivers must record their hours in a log book to prove they are complying with the law.

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