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Medical Errors More Common When Child Has Chronic Illnesses

A recent study using government data from 2006 revealed that children with chronic illnesses were more likely to be victims of medical errors than children without these illnesses. Chronic illnesses include asthma, cancer, diabetes, digestive disorders and others.

Illinois woman injured in car crash when teen misses stop sign

A woman from Hampshire sustained significant injuries in a car accident earlier this week in Elgin, Illinois. According to police reports, the woman was hit by a teen driver who entered the intersection without observing a stop sign. Although the injuries were substantial, doctors indicated that her life is not in imminent danger.

Chicago motorcycle accident causes fatal injuries to biker

Two weeks ago, the Avondale neighborhood on Chicago's Northwest Side was the scene of a fatal crash. The motorcycle accident occurred at the intersection of Belmont Avenue and Kedzie Avenue, close by the Kennedy Expressway.

Deceptive Ovarian Cancer Tests May Endanger Illinois Women

Ovarian cancer is a very serious disease in Illinois and across the United States. Cancerous ovaries may affect other abdominal organs as well. According to the American Cancer Society, the United States has had 22,280 new cases of ovarian cancer and an estimated 15,500 deaths so far this year, which may include some wrongful deaths.

Police officer injured in hit-and-run car accident in Chicago

A Chicago police officer is recovering from injuries he suffered when a car struck him as he was in the process of conducting a traffic stop early last Thursday. The person who hit him could not be found after the accident, however. The car fled the scene and there was not enough information about the vehicle to allow police to track it down immediately.

NTSB pushes for new design to reduce severity of train accidents

Chicago has long been a crucial railroad hub in the Midwest, and the city's rapid development is wedded to the business that came via train. Unfortunately, the cost of progress can be high. While train accidents may not be as common as they were in the 19th century, when rails dominated parts of the city, crashes can still result in severe injuries and fatalities. The risk for harm rises when trains that carry dangerous chemicals derail, spilling their cargo.

Johnson & Johnson Plans to Remove Harmful Chemicals From its Products

Johnson & Johnson is well known as a family-oriented brand. Many of the company's products are marketed for young children and babies, although the company also creates toiletries and cosmetics for adults. Recently, many were surprised to hear that some of J&J's products contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Report points finger at tire failure in deadly Megabus accident

Early last month on our Chicago blog we wrote of the Megabus accident in southern Illinois that claimed the life of one passenger and injured many others. Crash investigators have been looking into the incident, and two weeks ago the Illinois State Police released its report detailing the causes of the accident.

'Bigfoot' hoaxer dead in Montana car accident

Teenage drivers are often blamed for car accidents, either because they often seem to text while driving or because they are considered reckless. While not all teens are irresponsible drivers, the fact is that they do lack the experience that can come in handy when a driver is confronted with a sudden, surprising event. And what could be more surprising than Bigfoot?

Texting while driving culprit of labor day weekend auto accidents

It's unfortunate that after a long holiday weekend, auto accidents and fatalities occur. And this past Labor Day weekend was no different. Many times, however, individuals celebrating an extended time off get behind the wheel of a car after having a few too many drinks. However, several motor vehicle accidents occurred in the Chicago area last weekend, but the main culprit this time was cellphone usage.

New Report Shows Increase in Number of Children Ingesting Batteries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report recently indicating a growth in the number of incidents involving children ingesting batteries. The report noted that in 1998, 1,900 children in the United States visited an emergency room due to battery-related concerns. In 2010, that number had grown to an alarming 4,800 cases.

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