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Many New Illinois Laws Aimed at Protecting the Elderly

Recently, Illinois took a step in the right direction, passing a number of laws meant to protect the rights of senior citizens in the state. Sadly, it is not uncommon for the elderly to be mistreated by those entrusted with their care, with reports of neglect and abuse in nursing homes being particularly widespread.

Driving course helps people avoid motorcycle accidents

Deaths in motorcycle accidents are on the rise in Illinois. In 2010, the Illinois Department of Transportation recorded 131 fatalities involving motorcyclists or their passengers. That figure represents a rise of 27 percent since 1999. Part of that may be attributable to an increase in the overall number of motorcycles on the roads in our state. From 1999 to 2010, registered motorcycles rose by 73 percent to a total of nearly 344,000 in 2010.

AMA Suggests Increased Helmet Use for Recreational Activities

Recently, the American Medical Association recommended that those who participate in recreational and athletic activities should wear facial and head protection, no matter what sport or activity they enjoy most.

NHTSA to look into complaints of auto defects

Drivers in Chicago may do all the right things to avoid a car accident, but sometimes being prudent on the roads is not enough to prevent a crash. We may be unaware of auto defects that lie concealed beneath the hood or within a casing until a crucial component breaks down at an inopportune time.

Proposed $102K Settlement After Woman Drowned in Chicago Nursing Home

When we turn the care of a loved one over to a nursing home or other long-term care facility, we expect our loved one to be protected from harm, whether caused by others or to themselves. Unfortunately, the rate of depression among elderly adults in nursing homes is high compared to the general population. In addition, depression is higher among elderly adults in long-term care facilities than those who are able to live independently.

Relatives of fatal car accident victims file negligence suit

The law allows defendants to hold employers responsible for the acts committed by their employees that are considered within the scope of employment. Tort law has developed and articulated this legal doctrine over many years. The doctrine is called respondeat superior, and it provides that employers may, depending on the facts of the case, have to answer for negligent injuries caused to third parties by their workers.

Elderly couple dies in train accident in suburban Chicago

Although summer still has many weeks to run its course, Chicago and the state of Illinois have already been subjected to some brutally hot weather this season. While excessive heat calls to mind the dangers of dehydration and heat stroke, high temperatures can have other, more indirect, means of causing injury and death.

Man killed in motorcycle accident in Chicago

Summertime is in full swing in Chicago. One long-held summertime American tradition is going for a ride in a car or on a motorcycle to enjoy the beautiful weather. But such pleasant moments can turn tragic in an instant. Oftentimes, other drivers fail to account for motorcycle riders on the road because of their reduced profile and agility.

One vehicle safety measure fails to improve car accident rates

Some Chicago area drivers may have heard of lane departure warnings and other technological advances designed to reduce the number of car accidents. Other drivers may already have such systems in their cars. But recent crash data on these safety measures, compiled by the Highway Loss Data Institute, give an interesting insight into their effectiveness.

Carriers' past bus accidents would be revealed in grading system

Last month, we posted about 26 discount bus carriers shut down by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration over concerns about their safety performance. Congress has since taken some steps to make their track records more transparent. Potential riders boarding in Chicago will now be able to make more of an informed choice about which bus line they want to take to their destination.

Congress debates bill that could help reduce truck accidents

The trucking industry must abide by a host of regulations designed to ensure the safety of trucks and the cars that share the road with them. From maintenance schedules to weight limits, these rules attempt to eliminate or greatly reduce the number of truck accidents here in Illinois and across the country. One rule that many people may have heard of is the cap on the hours a driver can travel before taking a mandated rest. While a well-rested driver will be more alert behind the wheel, there must be an independent measurement tool that can determine if drivers are taking the required breaks that they claim they are taking.

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