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Illinois boy dies in car crash with woman under the influence

Last month, a 9-year-old boy was out for a pleasant afternoon bicycle ride in Skokie, Illinois. He was on the sidewalk, apparently safe from the dangers of passing traffic. Then an out of control car came careening towards him. That car was driven by a 23-year-old woman who had previously been convicted of unlawfully possessing marijuana.

Jet Ski Accidents Led to Five Injuries in Chicago Suburbs

Now that summer is officially upon us, many Chicagoans are spending their free time on the water, participating in all of the popular outdoor activities the season has to offer. With the enjoyment of such activities, though, comes the need for increased vigilance to ensure the safety of all those appreciating the nice weather.

Bus accident on Chicago highway leaves many passengers injured

Last week, a number of family members rented a private bus so that they could spend a night out together in Chicago to celebrate the birthday of a late relative. But this act of familial unity will be remembered as more than just a memorial to a deceased person. Many aboard the bus may now be unable to disassociate the purpose of that night with the harm that befell many of them as the bus was traveling along the Eisenhower Expressway.

Helmets increase survival rate in motorcycle accidents, says CDC

According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 14,283 people died in motorcycle crashes from 2008 to 2010. In parsing those traffic fatalities, the CDC examined the effect of state laws requiring the use of helmets for motorcyclists. Illinois is currently one of a small handful of states that does not have a helmet law on the books.

Many recent fatal car and motorcycle crashes on Chicago roads

The past few weeks have unfortunately been deadly on Chicago area roads. What's more, it appears that many of the accident victims would still be alive today if other drivers had only exercised proper care while they were behind the wheel.

June 15th Is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

For the past six years, the National Center on Elder Abuse, or NCEA, has recognized a World Elder Abuse Awareness Day to draw attention to the difficult issue of elder neglect and abuse. The seventh annual awareness day is scheduled for June 15, 2012, with events planned all over the country.

Motorcycle accident injures married couple in Illinois

Last week a husband and wife sustained significant injuries when a man driving a rental truck struck the motorcycle they were riding through a central Illinois city. Both were rushed to the hospital, where the woman received treatment for what was termed a "severe" broken leg. Her husband endured a number of injuries in the motorcycle accident, including head trauma. They are currently recovering from the impact, and the hospital has described them as being in fair condition.

After seizure, commerce secretary causes two car accidents

Over the weekend, John Bryson, who serves as the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce, caused two car crashes. The accidents occurred in short succession while he was driving his own car during time off from work. Reports indicate that he struck one vehicle from behind as it was paused in front of an at-grade railroad intersection. According to the occupants of the rear-ended car, Bryson exited his vehicle, checked on them and then drove off, but not before striking their car a second time.

FMCSA closes some carriers after bus accidents, safety problems

Commercial bus carriers transport many passengers in and out of Chicago every day. A few are long-established companies with familiar names. Recently, however, a number of discount carriers have sprung up around the country, and there have been concerns about some of their safety records. In 2011, a series of fatal bus accidents involving discount carriers caused authorities at the state and federal level to increase their oversight of the companies.

Risks for Surgical Patients Persist Beyond the Operating Room

For a family with a loved one who needs surgery, the most trying period is typically while the patient is undergoing the surgical procedure. New guidelines released by the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation, or APSF, stress the importance of being vigilant about life-threatening risks that continue even after the patient has left the operating room.

Tiredness could be behind a number of Chicago car accidents

Measures designed to raise public consciousness about the serious dangers of drunk driving have brought that topic to the forefront of discussions about car crashes. Recently, the many facets of distracted driving have received similar attention from the press. Tired driving has not been the subject of as much coverage, however, despite posing risks close to those created by driving under the influence.

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