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Man still recovering from injuries in Chicago bus accident

A severely injured Chicago area man has filed a lawsuit against a bus company and its driver after the bus struck him as he was walking across the street last year. The bus accident involved a school bus operated by Alltown Bus Service, which is one of a number of companies that provide the Chicago Public Schools with buses.

The incident occurred at an intersection, where the man was using a crosswalk to reach the other side of the street. According to litigation documents, the bus driver believed that the victim had completely crossed the street before she began to drive the bus through the intersection. A camera at the intersection appears to contradict this belief, however. In the collision that followed, the man endured severe trauma to his head. He had bleeding on the brain and sustained a number of skull fractures.

An investigation revealed that the bus driver did not have a perfect driving record. Although she was properly licensed to become a bus driver, she had one conviction for speeding to go along with two other tickets. In addition, a driving evaluation administered by the company revealed that she did not reach the average standard achieved by other drivers. Alltown has since placed the driver on suspension.

The company has a documented history of past bus accidents. Over the past seven years, it has paid out in excess of $29 million to compensate accident victims and their families. In the current crash, the company has agreed that it is responsible for the man's injuries. The two sides have not agreed on the appropriate amount of compensation, however. Compensation can help victims replace lost income and pay for the often high burden of medical bills.

Source: CBS Chicago, "2 Investigators: CPS Bus Vendor Has History Of Accidents, Injuries," Pam Zekman, April 26, 2012.

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