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Rear-view cameras can reduce car accidents in Chicago

Backing a car out from a driveway or a parking space--hemmed in by cars on either side that obscure the driver's view--can lead to many car accidents. Cautious Chicago drivers all know the apprehensive feeling that rises when placing the transmission in reverse, craning one's neck around and slowly moving backward. But cautious and negligent drivers alike can cause crashes in such situations: At least 300 people are killed and 18,000 injured each year in accidents involving a car backing up.

Red light violations, car accidents increase over holiday

Many people may have spent this Memorial Day weekend enjoying the warm weather along Chicago's lakeshore. Still others may have driven outside the city to vacation with family and friends. Memorial Day is known for heavy traffic volume around the country, and according to a new study by the National Coalition for Safer Roads, drivers' behavior over this one weekend may lead to more car accidents.

Chicago may see fewer truck accidents under new NHTSA regulations

Over the years, automobile manufacturers have gradually improved the safety of passenger cars by adding a succession of important features to their fleets. Air bags, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control are just a handful of the measures that have reduced car accidents and helped save lives. Now the trucking industry is getting on board with some help from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Automated cars may reduce crashes on Chicago's future streets

As a number of news stories reveal, driver error is the cause behind many automobile accidents. Too often, drivers attempt to multitask behind the wheel, siphoning valuable amounts of attention away from the road. But what if the car could drive itself? The answer to this science fiction question may arrive sooner than many people think. Google has developed a self-driving car that could in time become the future of vehicle transportation.

Chicago DOT plans to decrease fatal car accidents

The Chicago Department of Transportation has stated that, in a decade's time, it wants to reduce the incidence of deadly car crashes while dropping the number of fatal accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists to zero. While some may suggest that those aims are ambitious, the transportation commissioner expressed optimism that they could be achieved with the proper methods.

Driver was operating without proper rest in fatal truck accident

Chicago has a long-standing tradition as a center of trade and commerce since its early days as a destination for much of the livestock and grain from the surrounding region. That reputation continues through the present day, proved by the city's financial exchanges and extensive transportation network, among other things.

Newspaper employee dies in Chicago car accident

Illinois officials at the Department of Transportation are considering adopting new measures to prevent people from driving in the wrong direction on the state's highways. A DOT study on the subject will come out in a few months. The talk about stopping wrong way driving has gained additional prominence after one incident last week that killed a 54-year-old employee of the Chicago Tribune.

Man still recovering from injuries in Chicago bus accident

A severely injured Chicago area man has filed a lawsuit against a bus company and its driver after the bus struck him as he was walking across the street last year. The bus accident involved a school bus operated by Alltown Bus Service, which is one of a number of companies that provide the Chicago Public Schools with buses.

Illinois DOT releases intersections most prone to car accidents

Chicago has long been a bustling city, and residents know how busy and hectic the area's roads can be, particularly at certain locations. The Illinois Department of Transportation has released its data on car accidents in 2010, revealing which intersections in six counties around Chicago are most prone to crashes.

Month-long program aims to reduce motorcycle accidents

The calendar has turned to May, which means more motorcyclists will be taking to Chicago's streets to enjoy the warmer riding weather. That's why May has been designated Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, which attempts to raise consciousness about the presence of motorcycles on our roads and highways.

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