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Two drunk driving car accidents in Chicago cause injuries, death

When people go out for a drink at a Chicago restaurant or bar, they have a responsibility and a choice. Although they have a legal duty not to operate their vehicle under the influence of alcohol, many still make the choice to get behind the wheel when they are over the legal limit. Such choices can have tragic consequences, as revealed in two separate automobile accidents last week in the city.

Future trucking rules may try to prevent crashes from sleep apnea

Many people around Chicago may have heard of sleep apnea or may know someone with the condition. Sleep apnea causes intermittent breaks in a person's sleep, often preventing a full night's rest. According to doctors, those who suffer from sleep apnea may experience tiredness during the day, which can affect job performance.

Tax-induced stress could lead to more car crash fatalities

Many Chicago residents were likely relieved to see Tax Day pass this last Tuesday. The months and weeks of pouring over returns and then sending them off to the government can be the root of a great deal of stress. According to some researchers, that stress could be the cause of a jump in car accidents on Tax Day, a phenomenon that the researchers observed over a period of 30 years.

Fatal car crash in Illinois leaves parents and daughter dead

A night out at a favorite local restaurant is a welcome treat for many Chicago families. Parents and children can share stories and tell each other about their days. But this happy scene turned tragic for one Chicago area family as they were driving home from dinner this past Sunday. They were involved in a terrible car accident that left three of the car's four occupants dead and the fourth injured.

Wrongful death car accident in Chicago kills driver

The family of one man is mourning their loss after he died in a crash with another car on Chicago's South Side. The automobile accident occurred earlier this month during the early morning hours. The victim was traveling south when, according to police reports, another car coming in the opposite direction turned across his lane.

Railroad pays $6 million in Illinois train accident settlement

The image of a car stranded on railroad tracks in the face of an oncoming train is an often used and often parodied trope in movies. But its presence in film is grounded in the fact that it happens in real life, sometimes leading to tragic train accidents. At-grade railroad crossings in Chicago are protected by warning systems, but sometimes they fail to function because of preventable human error.

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