Another work-related death at an Illinois industrial plant

Jobs in industrial plants and construction sites are dangerous because of the presence of large equipment, dangerous tools and working high off the ground. Employers and company owners must do everything possible to avoid the potential for workplace accidents. If they fail, one or more workers may be injured or die.

In Chicago Heights, Illinois, police officers, together with emergency personnel, responded to a call regarding a workplace accident. The incident was one of several Chicago work-related deaths. According to the report, the incident occurred at the Vesuvius USA industrial plant in Chicago Heights. The man’s body was discovered inside a hopper. Paramedics confirmed that the 60-year-old worker died at the scene.

Additionally, an inspector from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as well as the police is investigating the incident. It was reported that a previous workplace fatality happened in the plant. In March 2011, an employee, who was performing work above the roof without any safety protection, died after falling 30 feet from the roof to the ground below. As a result, the industrial plant faced a $5,000 fine due to the safety violation.

If a workplace accident occurs at an industrial or construction site, employers and company owners revise their safety policies to prevent these types of incidents from happening again. It is the responsibility of employers to protect the safety of the workplace and their workers from accidents by preventing workplace hazards, and providing safety equipment and protective gear. Failure to address such problems can lead to workplace injuries, fatalities and safety citations. Work-related deaths can also be the liability of the employer.

It is incredibly sad if a worker dies in a workplace accident. However, the worker’s family can file for compensation. The compensation may help with funeral expenses, loss of companionship and loss of financial support. Also, if the family believes that the employer’s negligence contributed to the work-related death and it can be proven, they may recover additional compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: KMSP FOX 9, “Chicago Heights plant employee dies after falling into equipment,” April 5, 2013.