An Illinois lawyer can help in an unwarranted nursing home death

Nursing home deaths and other types of medical malpractice have become a serious problem in Illinois. Unfortunately the most vulnerable to nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse are senior citizens.

Nursing home abuse of the elderly, though a growing problem, is still highly overlooked. The elderly more often than not complain less than their younger counterparts. Such patience of the senior citizens may not however always be rewarded by the nursing home staff. Elder abuses in a nursing home include mental, verbal, physical and even sexual abuse. The attorneys at The Healy Law Firm have championed the cause of the elders and other victims of nursing home deaths for decades.

Mental abuse may include complete neglect by the nursing home staff where their basic needs are not even met. This extreme neglect may lead to bedsores and other ailments which may lead to serious injury, illness or even death. Patients have complained of severe physical abuse in nursing homes, including instances where nursing home staff has beaten patients.

Nursing home staff may also verbally abuse patients with profanity or otherwise belittle them with words. Some patients have been sexually abused by the nursing home staff. Many patients may not complain for years. Not bringing such neglect to the notice of family or authorities may prove to be dangerous and even fatal.

If a patient dies in the nursing home due to the neglect of the nursing home staff, the family may be able to get justice for the victim’s death. The Healy Law Firm has for years helped such needy clients meet justice through wrongful death lawsuits in the state of Illinois.