3 people killed in crash with garbage truck in Chicago suburb

When most people think of truck accidents, they picture a giant tractor-trailer rolling down the highway with an inattentive or drowsy driver behind the wheel. While these types of truck accidents are all too common on Illinois roads and highways, there are also large-vehicle crashes that occur frequently on city streets in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

Chicago drivers face dangers from buses, construction equipment and garbage trucks; all of which can be as deadly as a tractor-trailer. Last week, for example, three people were killed when their car collided with a garbage truck in nearby Glenview.

Although the accident occurred at an intersection in Glenview, the garbage truck is owned by the village of Skokie and was being driven by a long-time employee at the time of the crash. The car was reportedly pushed half a block after being struck by the larger vehicle; at which point a significant fire erupted.

The victims inside the car included a husband and wife who moved to the Chicago area from Seoul, South Korea about a decade ago. The third victim was a friend riding with the couple. All three were killed in the accident, but the truck driver was unhurt.

The fatal crash is still under investigation, and the Village of Skokie has been quick to absolve itself of any liability. On the village’s website, officials wrote that “the Village refuse truck had complete right of way and entered the intersection, at which time a passenger vehicle violated the two-way stop sign control and entered the intersection.”

It is unclear at this point which party, if either, was at fault. However, the family of the deceased victims have hired an attorney, according to news reports. This is an important move to make after any serious accident; especially one involving a vehicle owned and operated by a city or local government.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Family Wants Answers After Fatal Glenview Crash,” Suzanne Le Mignot, Oct. 16, 2013