1 of Chicago’s car accidents leaves 3 with serious injuries

Being involved in an accident often leaves an individual shaken. Car accidents that result in serious injuries and death can make one even more distressed. Driving at night requires extra awareness of one’s surroundings, especially in a town where there are pedestrians walking around. An automobile collision in Chicago resulted in the serious injury of three people.

Three pedestrians had been walking through a neighborhood on Chicago’s Northwest Side. The vehicle, thought to be a black four-door, collided with all three people and then continued into a parked car. Since the driver abandoned the scene of the accident, it has been declared a hit-and-run. The three victims — a 71-year-old, 68-year-old and 28-year-old — were transported to the hospital and were said to be in critical condition.

Officials believe speed was likely a factor in this motor vehicle accident. No one has been arrested yet, but authorities are questioning someone who may have been involved. The driver of the car responsible in the hit-and-run was portrayed with long, dark hair. Until investigators find the driver responsible, no allegations can be made.

Car accidents can leave someone brokenhearted, paralyzed or take the life of a loved one. When no one is held responsible for the collision, comfort in the face of death or serious injury is difficult to achieve. Once officials discover the driver responsible for this Chicago crash, they may decide to press charges. The victims of the collision can choose to file civil claims for negligent driving resulting in personal injury, which can assist in the debt that unexpected medical bills can cause.

Source: NBC Chicago, 3 Critically Injured in Rogers Park Hit-and-Run, No author, Dec. 23, 2013